Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cemetery Visits

Hey Everyone!

So I am going to Houston this weekend to open a new store in the Montrose neighborhood and I decided that while I'm in the neighborhood (okay, City) I am going to visit the Woodlawn Cemetery where Big Tony and his father (Bigger Tony?) Jessie G George are buried.  There are over 10,000 interments, so I called the office number and there were kind enough to send me a map of the cemetery and the location of where they are buried. 

I had originally found the information of their burying place on Find A Grave; they are buried next to each other.  I have been so far unable to locate where Big Tony's mother, Rachael Fannie Rhodes is buried.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Knock Knock! Anybody Still Out There?

Ha!  I bet you were all thinking that I have dropped off the planet!  It's only been about 6 months since my last post!

There is so much to share! So much to write about!  I don't even know where to begin!!  That being said, I'm just going to start in the middle.

I have been able to get copies of a few Texas Death Certificates, including one for Clarence George - older brother to Grandpa "Little Tony" George.  He was born 19 Dec 1923 and died 26 Dec 1923.  The COD is listed as "Purpura hemorrhagica neonatorum".  Of course I called Mom right away for her medical knowledge.  She didn't know off the top of her head but did some extensive research in just a few hours.  It is all speculation on our part, but the mostly likely COD in layman's terms is a vitamin K deficiency.  Vitamin K and the reason it is so important to give to newborns was not known until 1943, 20 years later.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Plugging Away

It's been radio silence for a while, I know, but I hope to get back on track and post some interesting things.  Interesting to me at least.

I have traced the Field family back as far as I can go - I think.  Although I obviously cannot guurantee that everything is 100% accurate, I'm pretty confident in most of it.  Most of the geneology comes from a book "Field Genealogy" by Frederick Clifton Pierce, 1901.
So, keeping that in mind, I have traced the family back to our 25th Great Grandfather Hubertus del Feld, born in 1030 in Colmar, Alsace Lorriane, France.  The biggest tragedy of all, is that this man is the common ancestor between George W Bush and us.  I could stab myself.  I have pulled together the following information from my research; there is a line of "Fields" in Ireland who's name evolved into Delfield, but the Anglicised version that came to Amercia evolved into "Field".

  • The ancestor of the Field family, the first of whom there is any record, was Hubertus De la Feld who went to England with William, the Conqueror, in the year 1066 from near Colmar in Alsace on the German border of France situated in a pass of the Vosges mountains, about three days journey from Colmar. He was of the family of the Counts De la Feld, who trace back to the middle ages, about the sixth century. In Alsace, the De la Felds entertained the eleventh century Pope Leo IX and his Court on the way to consecrate the Cathedral of Strasburg.
  • The De la Fields were also lords of considerable possessions in Lorraine, they claimed an alliance to the Earls of Flanders, and the House of Hapsburg through marriage. Hubertus De la Feld received of William, the Conqueror, for his reward land grants in Lancaster and Kent Counties; the city of Chester Coat of Arms has three garbs of wheat like that of the Field family. Sir Hubertus De la Feld resided near that city and it may be that part of the Chester arms was copied from those he bore. He died at Chester in Lancaster County in 1092 at the ageof 62. In the fourteenth century in consequence of wars between England and France, the English De la Felds dropped their French prefix De la and adopted the name Feld, Felde and, finally Field.


Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've been pretty quiet lately.  That isn't to say that I haven't been up to anything Family Tree-wise!  There are plenty of irons in the fire, but that is pretty typical of the ADHD mind.  I've started referring to non-ADHD people as CV (for Conventional Thinkers) and ADHD as Holistic thinkers.  It's funny in my head.

What have I been doing?  I have spent the last few evenings (after the kids are in bed) volunteering my time to keying information for  They allow you to download a program that has a list of projects, you choose your project (categorized by original language, ease of data entry, number of images, etc) and you download a group of images that have been scanned from somewhere in the world.  You then look at the images and enter in the names, dates, etc (that is based on what info they are looking for from each specific image) so that it is easily searchable by people like me when they look for "Lutjens" or "Comstock" etc.  I have a couple of emotionally tough projects that I've chosen to help out on.  The first is a list of prisoner records for the Lagenstein (sp?) Concentration Camp which was a work camp, mostly for political prisoners from what I can find, that branched from the Buchenwald camp.  Each 'record' was handwritten on a cigarette carton and had a code for the person's Nationality, their Prisoner number, the date they arrived, Name, Birth date, work assignment (most likely what they did before they got to the camp, not what they did IN the camp), prison section and if there was a cross at the bottom of the card and a date it was that person's death date.  If instead of a cross it said "Flucht" and a date, that meant that the prisoner escaped.  Every time I saw "Flucht" I was yelling my mind "RUN! RUN! GET AWAY! RUN!"  Death dates from March and April of 1945 were especially hard since the camp was liberated by the 8th Armored Division in April 1945. 

I also helped with a list of Jews who had their German Nationality stripped by the Nazi Regime.  It's all so fucking ridiculous.  Stupid fucking nazi's.  Sorry for the french, but damn, what a bunch of lame, stupid, retarded fucking douche bags.  I shouldn't say that; to use those words is an insult to the lame, the stupid and the retarded.  It's even an insult to Douche bags.

Pretty intense, eh?

Well, I also have my family tree software now.  Awesome!!!!  I've been playing around with it, it is just different enough from the website to create a learning curve.  So that is pretty much why there hasn't been much 'news' or interesting facts.  I'm back 26 generations on mom's side, through the Field name.  That makes it about 1086 in England.

More to come soon!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Uncle Frank to Susan: You sure do cause a lot of problems, don't you?

I called Uncle Frank today and wanted to know why Grandmother Lutjens' gravestone shows "Lorenz" spelled "Lorentz" (with a T).  He didn't call me a liar, he just said he didn't believe me.  (Inside joke between me n D).  So, I grabbed the Laptop and looked again at the Headstone.  I was like, Frank, I'm looking at it right now, it's spelled with a 'T'.   Nothing else I have found show the name spelled with a T, even her memorial service pamphlet has it with a T.  Frank's response?  I don't know! What the hell.  LOL.  I told him he was supposed to know these things and I told him we may need to bring some putty with us next year and fill in the T. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grasping at straws again

Today I sent a message to someone on ancestry who had information on Carl Lutjens, one of Uncle Ben's sons, on their tree.  I asked her if she was familiar enough, or if she knew anyone familiar enough, with the Ben's kids to look at some of the 'unkown' pictures we have that we think are Ben's kids.  She may not, as it looks like her grandmother was married to Carl later in life, his second marriage and her third marriage.  They were in their 60's when the marriage took place.  We'll see if I get any response, but I thought it was worth a try.